Vonne Brown’s Appropriated Slogan

Eleanor Vonne Brown’s slogan for Spectres of Modernism was appropriated from this billboard in Haggerston. In the context of a protest against overdevelopment in general – and specifically Taylor Wimpey’s The Denizen luxury apartment block on Golden Lane – the words become ironic; the Turner Prize-winners whose work is on display alongside Vonne Brown’s banner are protesting against exactly the type of artwashing that accompanies many City fringe developments. It seems unlikely the Aitch Group will actually have any award winning artists in its ugly new building, unless they’re offering them free space. Here’s what they have to say about how they’re going to ‘transform’ this site on Eagle Wharf Road, London N1:

An exciting new development including 26,000sqft of commercial floor space at basement and ground floor level, as well as 48 flats on upper floors in a part 5 and part 6 storey L-shaped building.

Located just off New North Road, the site has excellent transport links with Angel and Old Street tube stations just minutes walk away.

Personally we doubt that this development is so exciting that the public will be queuing up to watch the paint dry on the woodwork. Still doing that would be more exciting than reading yet another dreary sales pitch from a London property developer.

“A spectre is haunting the cynical overdevelopment that characterises London’s buy to leave property boom, the spectre of modernism!” #savegoldenlane

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