Another Eliot Bank Banner, No Luxury Flats!

Here’s another image of the Eliot Bank anti-development protest in Forest Hill last year. One of those involved explained to us: “The ‘no luxury flats’ writing was made from orange ribbon surrounding the polling booth from the (Brexit) referendum. I was very happy to put the whole referendum fiasco to some constructive use!”

As explained on one of this site’s child pages: “In 2016 anti-overdevelopment banners appeared on railings and a tower block on the Forest Estate in London SE23. They were produced collectively. The slogans used were decided through discussions between residents on the Forest Estate, and the letters were made individually by different people. The project was in part inspired by Greenham Common Women’s Peace Camp banners. The ‘Save Our Field’ slogan shown above was made by members of the Forest Estate Residents Association to protect green space in the centre of a social housing project built in the 1960s. The letters fade and the committee create a new banner every year to celebrate the estate. The banners on view last year were made to honour the greenery at the heart of a space the council deemed ‘unused’ and to campaign against a proposed 16-storey block of flats as ‘infill’ housing. The campaign was successful. The slopping piece of open ground known as Eliot Bank, partially shown here, has been preserved.”

“A spectre is haunting the cynical overdevelopment that characterises London’s buy to leave property boom, the spectre of modernism!” #savegoldenlane

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