BJH Blog & 3AM On Spectres of Modernism

BMH: OGL Banner Protest: Open Golden Lane have launched a banner protest against the Taylor Wimpey plans for Bernard Morgan House. The banners face Bernard Morgan House over Fann St. Also, see Spectres of Modernism: Artists Against Overdevelopment for the story of the artists who produced the banners. 7 October 2017. See the full blog with pictures here.

3AM Magazine kindly reproduced most of our front page here:

Image above: Anjalika Sagar – The Otolith Group. Freedom From Frontierists, Settlers, Hipster Capitalists & Colonial Gentrifiers. Developers are attempting to rebrand the Finsbury/Bunhill/St Luke’s area as East Clerkenwell, to create a ‘hipster central belt’ running from Hoxton and Shoreditch to the east to the real Clerkenwell in the west. The Denizen lying mere metres over the border from the old borough of Finsbury (now a part of Islington) fits this pattern of hipster gentrification although it is situated just inside the City ward of Cripplegate Without. The Denizen is NOT located in the ancient heart of the City of London as Taylor Wimpey have falsely claimed in advertising material, since it lies well outside the old city wall.

“A spectre is haunting the cynical overdevelopment that characterises London’s buy to leave property boom, the spectre of modernism!” #savegoldenlane


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