Those running the legal campaign against The Denizen unfortunately exhausted their funds and were unable to continue their appeal against the decision of the judicial review. While legal avenues were not exhausted, money was and so this path of objection is now closed. However other forms of protest against The Denizen continue, most obviously in a project collecting together horror stories set in the yet to be built development. Ultimately the idea is to produce a fiction anthology provisionally entitled Denizen of the Dead, but in the meantime more stories than will appear in the book are being posted on the Denizen EC1 blog that can be found here. Other blogs associated with the campaign Spectres of Modernism formed a part of have directed their efforts elsewhere. Some are protesting against further aspects of overdevelopment in EC1, while Reclaim EC1 has switched focus from campaigning against The Denizen development to an emphasis on the democratic reform of the City of London council. It is unlikely planning permission would have been granted to The Denizen by any council elected on the basis of one person, one vote. Eighty percent of the council seats in the City of London are decided by business votes, which gives residents virtually no say in how their local authority is run. So obviously the abolition of business votes is something those who campaigned against The Denizen support, and something that should be supported by anyone who believes in democracy!

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